Technology has become increasingly important to all aspects of our society. Our schools understand the need to provide students with the skills to succeed in this digital world. Because commercial software, hardware and data is so expensive, many schools cannot afford to provide it. Open software, Open Hardware and Open Data is part the solution to this problem. These resources are free to use, free to change and free to share. In the last several years, Open Solutions have matured to the point where it is a viable alternative to commercial, closed source products. The broader benefits of a national adoption of Open technologies stretch from the individual, through the local community to the country at large. For the first time, students are provided with legitimate copies of the tools they are using in schools for use at home free of the fear of piracy, local communities find some relief of budget cuts and, since most FOSS solutions are international, U.S. students are afforded the opportunity to interact with students and software professionals from around the world.

For additional information:

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     Open Source Hardware:  Open Source Hardware Association

     Open Data: Open Data Foundation


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